Welcome to the new version of Foxentry API 2.0 Our API is designed to enhance your data management experience and provide you with even more powerful tools to harness the potential of getting and working with data.

API usage πŸ‘€

The Foxentry API is used to retrieve, validate, and modify user data. Using our API, you can obtain detailed information, validate customer input, and automatically edit it into the appropriate formats.

The new version of our API also supports automatic corrections, offering you suggestions and corrections for your inputs so that you always get the right data.

Features in version 2.0 🦊

Foxentry now provides you with a wide variety of information by providing a comprehensive set of endpoints for numerous data categories. Whether you need information on Company,Email address, Location, Name, or Phone number, Foxentry can help. We are pleased to offer our clients a total of 11 endpoints in this new version.

With the latest version of the Foxentry API, we have implemented advanced Corrections and Suggestions. This means that the data you receive will be more refined and precise, enabling you to make data-driven decisions with the utmost confidence.

The latest Foxentry API version includes HTTP global errors but also local error messages, recognizing the need for clear and useful error feedback. If a problem happens while using the API, you will be notified in descriptive error messages, providing a smoother integration process and quicker issue resolution.

To further enhance data quality, Foxentry has introduced Fixes. This means that even if there are minor errors in the data you provide, the API will intelligently identify and correct them, reducing the risk of inaccuracies in your results.